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Halloween Sewing: Trick or Treat Sacks

I don’t know about you, but it has been a good long time since I have been Trick Or Treating.

Well, if you consider almost a year to be a good long time, which I do.

My time spent as a Trick Or Treater has taught me some good lessons, one of which is that it is all about the sack. You have to have the right sack because if you end up with one that is too small, or flimsy you will end up with a candy emergency. Imagine, if your bag is not big enough you will not collect enough loot to last you till Easter which is a serious tragedy. Or if you have a weakling of a bag that caves under the weight of all the delectable chocolate and brakes and you will loose your supply, especially if you happen to be Treating with an older brother.

So Sad.

So this year I decided to sew up the ultimate Sack. I wanted it to be roomy, sturdy, but also cute. So I made this little guy.

The intimidating skeleton keeps all unwanted visitors our of your candy stash.

It is such a great sack and totally easy to make, so I know you can whip up your own in no time too. And, because I am feeling especially generous, you can check back tomorrow for the directions!

Happy Halloween


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