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It's time for the February project of the month. This month we will be making the Stitchology Tote Bag.  This is an amazing project because it's beginner-friendly but it's also super useful as well.  It's the perfect size to load up and haul all your things; fill it with groceries, or books or sewing projects, or kids' stuff.  It carries it all! Plus it's the perfect project for all the beautiful canvas fabrics we've been drooling over.

Picking Fabric


1 yard Main Fabric

3/4 yard Lining Fabric

1 5/8 yards Light Weight Woven Fusible Interfacing

1 1/8 yards Mid Weight Fusible Interfacing

Thread to match

Click Below for the Pattern

Stitchology Tote Part 1
Stitchology Tote Part 2
Stitchology Tote Part 3
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